Friday, May 25, 2007

Wierdlings has music!

Thats right friends as you are reading this is loading up my playlist at the bottom of the page. So crank up the speakers and list to a few of my favorite tunes. I think I am going to create mood playlists so they are more varied and interesting.

Thanks again for stopping by!



Ann-Marie said...

oh my word that is too cool
it doesn't seem to like Erasure's Little Respect

Wierdlings said...

I am sorry hon. A few others have heard it, but I will search for a better copy. Thanks for stopping by!

Beth K said...

Love it! I've been jamming to your blog! That rocks!

firedupfairy said...

love your music and the new look!!! and now i'm tagging you :o) see my blog for details!

Natasha said...

you've been tagged, visit my blog for what to do next