Monday, April 23, 2007

So much!

So much has happened over the past few days, I shall try to seperate them in different points.

I revealed myself, not that kind of reveal you pervs! But I let my Lime N Violet Yarn P*rn Swap partner know who I was! I have been stalking and reading her blog for the past 5 weeks and it was finally time for the big reveal. She is Erin from A hard working student who has a great sense of fun and whimsy. She even recently won a contest from Scout's Swag. Please visit and say hey to her!

I received my package for the Yarn P*rn swap and it came all the way from the UK! Wot Wot! It has the most gorgeous stuff in it... ::grin:: Kirsty was my partner and she is awesome!

Before it was unwrapped in the upper left hand corner. Afterwards! I received three skeins of Debbie Bliss Alapaca... drool. Some Colinette Jitterbug in Lagoon! ::whee!:: Some delicious treats of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, apple cinnamon treats from Tyrells, and a bar of 'Divine' chocolate. And boy did it live up to its name! Took me three days to eat that bar! Two journals... eep! A Stitch N bitch journal and a handmade paper journal. A beautiful glass heart pendant and a wonderful bar of citrus soap! How did she know I put soap in my stash?!?!?!?!

I have also been participating in a Spring Purse Kit Swap on Swap-Bot and my package arrived! Her name is Laura and she is such an amazing person. I read her blog now and then and she is fun and free spirited. She has so much personality it leaps from her blog. I thought I had been forgotten and contacted the Swap Host and told her so. Laura responded immediately to the host and to me. I double checked and she was absolutely right, I had missed her email to me and my response. I apologized to them both took full blame for the misunderstanding. Laura and I had both been burned by partners from previous swaps, who did not seem to care or did not send anything at all. Laura's package was on the way and she said she took care to make it extra special for me. And she did. ::nod::
The Felted Jelly Bag. I LOVE PINK AND GREEN! There is also a b/w polka dot ribbon to go with it and some needles and matching p/g stitch markers! Some things to carry in my purse sot that I can think of her and her generosity to me.. a pen w/matching journal, a new lip gloss and some gum. I can't wait to start to knit this!

Also, I have been in contact with my SP10 partner and she doesn't know who I am! Hehe. I am even writing from a secret email account to her. We have so many things in common its scarey! Its like if I had to choose from all the people in the swap, she would have been the one I would have picked. ::grin::

The LnV Magic Yarn Ball Swap I have been hosting has come to an end. All but four have been sent and two of those I know were due to illness, but they let their partners and myself know, so I am not scared it was a successful swap. My package is still on the way from my partner so I do not have any pictures to show you regarding that one.

I have been moving the past weekend and it seems like forever. The final trip to the storage unit and cleaning has been done. We are moved. The hubby will turn in the keys and gate passes tomorrow.

Right now, I am off to knit on my portions of the Lime N Violet Scarf Circle. I am behind by two and need to get cracking! I will take pictures of them before they head on their way.

Take care and stay safe friends!



Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Cost ---

Well I was close. ::grin::

The cost to post all my packages was $35.12. I hope to hear how they like their swaps or if they arrived. Til then, I think I will go back and work more on my Clapotis.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ooo lots of packages to post!

I have sooo many packages to post, that I needed to wait until tomorrow 4/12/07 to get them in the mail. Why you may ask? Well it's when I get paid. ::chuckle::

I have my....
  1. LnV Yarn P*rn Swap to complete - this is her last package from me, she already received the yarn portion. ::grin::
  2. My first Secret Pal 10 swap package. I have sent her other things, emails, puzzles, ecards, and a subscription to a magazine, but this is the first of three packages.
  3. My softie swap was sent to Spain... wee its international.
  4. My Cotton Yarn Swap from Swap-Bot
  5. A Contest Swap package from a game I hosted on the Lime N Violet Message Boards.
  6. Peeps! The peeps are going to Canada. A friend from the LnV MB has not had some of these yummy treats, so I grabbed some and will send those off tomorrow too.

I think it will be about... hmmm 40 bucks. I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon after they are off.

OH! I forgot!!! I also joined a Scarf Circle at the Lime N Violet boards. Its so kewl!

12 people joined and we all knit a 6" section of scarf in whatever color, weight, stitch we want. Then we place it on some waste yarn and send it to the next person on our list. We have two weeks to knit and post. We then get another piece of the scarf from the person before us and place the stitches on our needles and do our 'piece' over again.. over and over 11 more times and by Sept-ish we will have a 1/12 kind of scarf knit from all over the world!! Isn't that awesome? We have 9 people in the US, one in Hawaii, one in the UK and one in Australia. ::dances about the room::

Okies, time for dinner, but I will be back with more to post!