Saturday, April 26, 2008

Woot for new series!!!

I just love to get involved in a series which already has a few books under its belt. I normally walk in at the beginning of a string of books and have to wait FOREVER for the installments, which I am sure happens to so many of us. But every once in a while I walk into a series which I have missed and am so stoked to find there are at least 3-4 to gobble up at once.... with perhaps a new one out soon.
Thus is the case with author Jennifer Rardin series featuring Jaz Parks. A totally new kick ass heroine who has a world of new and interesting vampires, magic, and techie-geeks. One thing I did differently when purchasing the first book, Once Bitten, Twice Shy. I only bought the one. I held off on the others just to make sure I did like it. Last year I decided to try a new author and bought the first five books of her series and couldn't get through the first one at all. Now I am stuck with the books.. le sigh. Orlando do not have any really good trade-in book stores around. ::eesh::

Anyway! ?I found them to be refreshing and attention grabbing. Ate this one down within three hours and even now am attempting NOT to go back to Borders (10:25 pm) to buy the second and third installments. The fourth book is due out in August! ::Wooot::

So go. Go now! And buy this series!