Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My SP10 Package has arrived!

Isn't it awesome?! My partner has not revealed herself as of yet, but she left me some clues with postcards from Michigan. Who knew there were that many lighthouses up there! I only know of one in Florida and that is in St. Augustine. ::blink blink::

Anyhows, stare at the Fiberlicousness that is my package, I will let you. Just do not lick your monitor, it doesn't like that. ::shakes head::

She gave to me a Louet Drop Spindle Kit! Squeee! It has three awesome fibers to spin and a drop spindle with an instruction booklet inside. My SP10 partner also gave to me 'Spin to Knit', a book I have not found anywhere at my local bookstores. There is a bag with several hanks of deep red cranberry beads to go with... a skein of 100% Baby Merino Wool by Malabrigo in the Velvetgrapes colorway! I can not even being to describe the squishiness of this yarn. The feel is just about indescribeable! And if that was not enough she sent me an awesome bar of soap by Esscentia, DESIRE, Witches Brew Fragrance Oil. I just want to put it in my pillow and leave it there so I can smell its heady scent.

My partner has spoiled me beyond my dreams and I sincerely sincerely thank her from the bottom of my heart. I can not wait to find out who she is. I will be sending her a private note of thanks tonight, but not only did I want to share with you who may drop in about her generosity, but because its also required by SP10 rules too. ::hehe::

If you will excuse me a bit ladies and gents, I am off to fondle my malabrigo a bit more and dream of what it shall become one day soon!

Have a great evening and sweet dreams!!!


Cheeky Red Head said...
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Cheeky Red Head said...

I deleted my last comment because I can not spell today. What I was trying to say was I think you got a lot of really cool gifts.

firedupfairy said...

oooh! what fun! you've got a lot of great stuff. and welcome to the spinning bug~ it's quite addicting!!!

Heatherly said...

that's right! REQUIRED :-)
i am watching you! :-0