Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okies, I tried to return each and every day to post something on my blog. Not that I don't have a lot to talk about, but its trying to find the time. I go to work, go home, knit a bit, raid in World of Warcraft and the next thing I know its 1:30 am and I have to get up for work. Over the weekends I read like 4-5 books and then the cycle continues. ::blush::

There is SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE!!! I know this, I really really do. ::nod nod::

I plan on moving a lot of stuff from the storage unit to the house, I want to organize my yarn stash more effectively, I want to bathe the cats more often now that they are going outside ::ewww possible fleas:: and finally, I want to spend more time with the hubby, though that should honestly be the first thing on my list.

I have LOTS and LOTS of books to post for my reading list this year and I have joined yet another Knit-A-Long (KAL). Spring Mystery Shawl 09 by Goddess Knits. We shall see if I am able to stay up with everyone once it starts, I always fall behind. This is very exciting and I can't wait to start.
Lots more later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Look!

Yeah, totally updated for Spring! I have been so very busy the past few weeks. Work has been hella-crazy and its only going to get worse this week, though I will make it through! Knitting has been so and lazy... I just can't seem to finish what I have going and don't want to start another project without completing something. Its driving me nuts! Finally, I have let my blog fall to the side while raiding in World of Warcraft. Having hit 80, I am raiding with my guild and not finding time to do anything else, but studying the fights and trying to get my DPS (damage per second) up to make it to the raids.

Anyway, I have a new look thanks to Strangeling and CLIM artware. I will work harder to keep all my juggling balls in the air!

Talk again soon!


PS Speaking of Strangeling! I went to Megacon and had a great awesome time! Running into Jasmine aka Strangeling and her husband, Matt, it was like visiting with old friends again. She will be appearing at a local art festival in Celebration, Florida where they live and will be able to see them again soon. She had/has wonderful artwork for sale and on the final day had them marked down so low, I was able to buy a few more limited edition prints!