Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Cheshire Clapotis

So I have finally broke down and taken on the new project of the Clapotis. I determined how much yardage I needed and purchased it from MYC... last night I cast it on.

It did not take but 5 rows to see that something was happening... right before my eyes, the Cheshire Cat was looking at me!

::blink blink::

I am going to call it the 'Cheshire Clapotis' when it is done! Woot... into round 4 of the increases. Boy its coming along fast!



Anne said...

That yarn is gorgeous - and I think the connection is a good one! What an appropriate name for your project!

Wierdlings said...

Thank you Anne! I shall break a bottle of champa... well if I could afford Champange I would, but it will have to settle for a Cherry Coke. ::grin::

Its coming along nicely, into the straight rows now.. I think I shall try to do a repeat a day and have it done in two weeks.

Thanks for stopping by!