Friday, January 16, 2009

YEAH! Pictures have returned!!!

Goodness its so hard to describe the feeling of wanting to post stuff and not being able to because of being technically hindered...  aka as -loosing-the-camera-cable-to-download-pictures.  Yes, its unforgiveable, but I am still trying to blame the hubby.. (somehow) for the loss.

Regardless, I can now post pictures of my recent and New Year's knitting!  ::cheers::  They will be seperate posts, as I want to log each individually for my 'knitting goal' of 50 items.  A friend wanted to do 50 Book Challenge, but I actually did that challenge last year and BLEW it away!!!  Totally decimated that count.  So I thought I would try it on knitted items.  ::flexes imaginary toned bicep muscles::

Featured in my upcoming knitwear features will be 'nametobedecided'.  Hopefully she will have all sorts of interesting looks and haircuts.  Currently NTBD is looking like this and hasn't scared the cats too badly.  ::grin::  Okies, off to edit and start posting knits!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She is kinda scary. You could name her Natasha, after Natasha Fatale, from Rocky & Bullwinkle. Then if you ever get a male head you could call it Boris.