Monday, November 5, 2007


Okies... so then I read voraciously as you can tell from the left.. my Librarything is full of all sorts of paranormal reading and there are some great great authors there.. anyway I am the sort that reads as soon as it comes out and then are left high and dry for a year until the next arrives.

Patricia Briggs is one such author.. her Mercy Thompson series has me hanging on every word and never lets me loose until the story is done. Thereby torturing me for another 11 months and 29 days until the next book is available.

I have her site marked and routinely go through my favorites once a week or so. Well the third book arrives in the stores in January and as I was crusing through I saw she was offering shirts similar to the ones that Mercy wears on the cover of the third book! I HAD TO HAVE ONE... well three actually... ::cough cough:: HEY! One is for my sister.. the other two are for me. So I placed the order right then and there.

A few weeks later I write and ask about the status, normally they notifiy you within a few days. I had fallen through the cracks accidently. They were in the process of reording and would have them sent out soon. I was corresponding to her husband, who was the nicest guy possible.

TODAY they arrived!!! Not only are they so very awesome, but she sent me a gift too! A signed copy of Bloodbound! The second in the series, she even autographed and personalized it for me! I am so very stoked!!! (pictures below)

So now I am even more anxious for it to come out and can not wait!



Kathy said...

I hate you!!! Dagnabbit, why wasn't it meeeeeeeee!!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhh!
*sigh* I guess it couldn't have happened to a nicer person *grumble,grumble* Lucky dog!

Kathy said...

btw, what's up with the weather witch series? is it good? I haven't seen it around.