Thursday, November 29, 2007

Swap Flakers! ARGH!!!

It irks me to high heaven when someone signs up for a swap and then flakes on it. WORSE is when someone organizes the swap and then flakes! Both times they have been given awesome kits.. one even from me and yet they never send their partner's anything. I refuse to have anyone not get something during one of my swaps, so I made a Halloween Sock Kit for my 'flaker's partner and am going to send it off tomorrow. Not only that, but I feel horrible that someone from an earlier swap got stiffed too... so I made a Holiday Sock Kit for her. I hope both ladies like their kits.

As the Holiday Sock Kit lady doesn't know its coming I feel safe in showing you her goodies! I had so much fun picking them out and had just the right sock yarn in my stash too!

Going to post them tomorrow so they should get them within a week, as they are in the USA.



Dawn said...

::beaming back at ya::

yer the best. check per email darlin'. if it's not exciting, check again. and again...

Kathy said...

You are such a sweetie! It's people like you who make swaps and exchanges fun.