Sunday, April 5, 2009

Y-E-T-I spells Matt!!!

Many of you, unless you are Jasmine Becket-Griffith aka Strangeling fan, do not know that a few paintings of hers have an awesomely cute blue Yeti. Jasmine has stated on her blog and in person how the Yeti, to her, represents her hubby, Matt. Matt is a very devoted husband and partner for Jasmine and works hard and is very proud of the success his wife has developed. To this end, I had an idea.. why not make the YETI come to life!

So I went Yeti hunting!!! I found the fur on an online fabric store and ordered it a couple of months ago. I had planned to work on the project and give him this plushie back in February at the MegaCon he and Jasmine attended, but my RL workload did not lend itself to giving me the free time. I then decided to work on it for their next appearance. The Celebration Art Festival.

Working last week, I drew my pattern, cut the fabrics and assembled him Friday eve, Saturday Day, and bright and early Sunday morning. Each time I finished a portion I had to show my hubby and see his reaction. YEAH! Jasmine gets dollies and Matt gets plushies!

Finally complete, I stuffed him and the yeti and I journeyed to the Art Festival where I presented him to Jasmine and Matt. Their reaction was all I could hope for and they were floored to see him come to life. I forgot to ask Jasmine what his name is!!! Must ask her later.


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