Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday Releases - 12/02/08

Eating through two books in one evening is a bit tough, especially so when you do not get home until 8pm. Needless to say, once I started to read Zen and the Art of Vampires, I could not put it down. Pia, the mc (main character) was fun, witty, and down right charming! She had me laughing with all her inappropriate bursts of saying what she didn't mean to say. Kristoff and Alec, all I can say is wowsers and where is my Dark One now!!!
My main frustration though is not in the writing or the characters, but in the story! The other Dark Ones novels end finitely within their own respective books, this one though, seems to drag onto at least one more... gah.. I will pull my hair out if its more than that! I want to know the end of 'their' story and I want it now... not to wait until May to find out.
Granted I understand it in other series.. but at least you are told up front by the author's styles if that is where they are going to take you. While there is some cross visiting from other characters briefly from other books, this one is gonna make you wait. ::le sigh:: Is it May yet?!

Second of the 'Tales of an Urban Werewolf' series, it truly delivers a great time with Sophie Garou and all of her lost designer shoes, clothing, and unlimited supply of Lady Bic razors.
Sophie has been found in the Houston packs territory and while she has been there for years and years, now the pack knows she is there. Dealing with them is just one of the situations she finds herself dealing with not to mention an uber-hottie by the name of Mark, who just happens to be the president of her newest and biggest auditing account. His sweet smoky scent drives her nuts, but what about her BF Heath? What about Tom?! Her life and your nerves run a rollercoaster ride of adrenalin to see what is going to happen next!
I give them both a FIVE on my Sheep-A-Meter!!!

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