Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

Dear Friends,

The happiest and best warm wishes to you and yours for this new year! May your needles be fruitful and your life exciting. Most of all happiness and health to you all!!!

In answer to this, I myself am undertaking a new and never before done diet for myself. I can't harp on others in my family for not taking care of themselves, when I myself need to do so too. Sooooo... as of Thursday, well it actually started before that, more like Christmas, I have purchased a good set of walking shoes, an Nike+ kit, a small new ipod nano to use with the Nike+ kit, some actual working out clothes and a bunch of food.

If you want to know what a Nike+ kit is.. go here.. and check it out. It is so awesome! You do not need their shoes, I bought a pouch from Marware via Amazon... is their main website.

Granted I am walking and not running, not yet or maybe not ever, but still, getting out of the house for a good 20 mins cardio is still less time then on my arse in front of the computer. ::hehe::

If you are Lime and Violet fans like me, you will know what Letterboxing is... well I hope to start to do that soon too as soon I as I design my stamp and get a plan together.

Finally, I have challenged myself to see how many books I can read for the year. Yes, most of them will be romance/paranormal ones, but then again I may surprise you. Currently next to my bed is 'You Living Longer'. Very interesting and chuck full of stuff I never knew.

Well I shall be writing more of my exercise and fitness routine as well as my knitting and reading goals for 2008.

Bless you all!

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