Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yeah for Entrelac!

Yesterday, I took a beginners Entrelac Class at my LYS and absolutely loved it. While we were able to get through almost all of the different steps, we still need to learn the final triangle pieces which go on the top. Therefore we have all agreed to meet next Thursday, the 20th for a final class.

The class was just the right size and we were all around the same skill level so that the pace was smooth and easy. Many of the ladies also are on Ravelry and I got to share my obsession with Lime and Violet too. ::chuckle:: At the end we were all writing down our blog spaces and sharing email information. Granted the class discount for purchasing other yarn was really sweet too.

I would encourage anyone to seek classes such as this to expand and push your knitting. I can no longer call myself a novice knitter! WHEEE!!!

Now that I have Mitered Squares and Entralac under my belt, one of my projects I want to try this year is....

Its called FiberFish and sold by LaurieM. She created it for a nolonger listed group called Bitchin Mittens and won a red ribbon for it. The pattern is still onsale and she will send it to you in a PDF format. There is some slight errata, so be sure to print that up as well.
Til next time!



Shannon said...

We sure did have fun at class didn't we?!? I am just itching to start my actual project. I think I will give it a whirl today. :) See you on Thursday.

Oh and thanks for posting a picture of the mittens you were talking about. I am going to go check them out now.

Kathy said...

Wow, nice! Maybe I'll take one too if a class comes up in my area. Hey, do you sell your stitch markers?
Have you read the new Dante Valentine?
totally unrelated questions, except they both came into my mind at the same time :-)