Friday, September 21, 2007


Hello everyone!

I am taking a plung and De-stash-i-fying a bit, heck its a whole lot... ::hehe::

Why be you destashifying such yarnilicious stuff you may ask?

Welp I will tell you!!!

Hubby tells his Wierdlings, thats me, today they are going on a cruise at the beginning of the year! We are getting fast fast passports to make sure we have them in time as well as have to put down/payoff the cruise by the end of the November. Yes, I have several more weeks, but I need to start saving up now!

So included in my yarn purge is Yarn Pirate, Yarn Pirate Booty Club Yarn, Loopy Ewe Sock Club Yarn, and Spunky Eclectic Yarn Club. All are from a smoke free home and while I do have two fur kitty babies, they do not get near this yarn.

I will be charging the prices that I paid for them as well as first class mail priority post mail, normally $4.60. If you happen to live outside of the US, I will have to check into those fees.

This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE destashing with PayPal being the go between. If you do not have PayPal I am very sorry I can not take Credit Cards nor am I looking to trade skeins for other stuff. I need cash baby!

HOW TO's....

  1. Send me an Email with the name of those that you are interested in
  2. I will check to see if its still available. If it is, I will prepare a PayPal Invoice and send it to you.
  3. You pay the Invoice and I send it on the next business day
  4. IF payment is not received in 24 hours, the skein will be reposted.

I have taken pictures of all the yarn and grouped them into similar catagories. I am also including a link to a larger picture so that you can see more depth and color and I have listed the information on the labels too.

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT --- > Please write to me at my GMAIL Account, .

YARN PIRATE (left to right) - $26.00 Each (larger pic)

  1. Pretty Pirate - 480 yds, 100% Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight - SOLD
  2. Rebel - 480 yds, 100% Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight - SOLD
  3. Primrose - 480 yds, 100% Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight
  4. Crocus - 480 yds, 100% Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight
  5. Apple - 480 yds, 100% Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight

YARN PIRATE BOOTY CLUB 1 (left to right) LIMITED EDITIONS, Not to be sold to general public - $27.00 Each (labels pics, w/o labels pic)
  1. Rum Runner - 480 yds, 100% Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight
  2. Calamity - 420 yds, Superwash BFL, Fingering Weight - SOLD
  3. Butternut - 400 yds, Merino/Tencel, Fingering Weight (Just arrived yesterday!) - SOLD

LOOPY EWE SOCK CLUB, Exclusive Colorways and Limited Quanities - $30.00 Each (larger pic)

  1. ALL THINGS HEATHER - Skinny Dippin - approx. 370% yds, Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon, Sock Weight
  2. CLAUDIA'S HAND PAINTED YARNS - Loopy Ewe Sock Club, Lot#001 - 2 skeins, 180 yds ea, 100% Merino Wool, Fingering Weight

SPUNKY ECLECTIC YARN CLUB - $25.00 Each (larger pic)

  1. January 2007 - Walkabout - 440 yds, Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight - SOLD
  2. April 2007 - Strawberry Fields - 360 yds, Superwash Sport w/10% Nylon
  3. June 2007 - Tulip - 280 yds, Superwash Merino, DK Weight Sock Yarn
  4. July 2007 - Celebration - 420 yds, Superwash Merino, Fingering Weight

Good Luck to you all!!!


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