Sunday, June 3, 2007


I called my sister the other day to please send out half of my SP10 pal package from Tampa. I accidently left it there the previous weekend. She runs and grabs the skein of yarn from the LYS (I needed one more color, which isn't sold here in Orlando), gets the package from my mother's home, and then puts it in the mail for me.

I love her to death for doing this for me, but then she accidently outs me to my pal. She places 'from Wierdlings' on the package not understanding its a secret swap. ::facepalm:: ::le sigh::

My partner is Kathy from She is an awesome lady and so far has received my package from my sister. My other package was sent the next day, so she should have received it Saturday or tomorrow, Monday.

I really do hope she likes all of her goodies and that we can stay in touch.


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