Monday, June 4, 2007

Book List for 2007

I read a lot. I mean a lot a lot! Perhaps it may not be someone's list of the most intellectual stuff, for I definately am not an English Major or anything. What I like is romance novels, for the past couple of years it has been paranormal romance/whodunits. I also enjoy scifi and lately detective novels.

So I am going to make a list of my reading. and shall update it as new books are consumed. That's right, I eat my way through books and it has to be in the order they were published. Drives me crazy to read them out of order.

So I shall amend this post as needed. Perhaps you may even find one or two that may interest you.


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Ann-Marie said...

hi there
just wanted to let you know i am still loving your music player on your site.
i have to clean my house and i just loaded it up and cranked it to get me going!!