Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yeah.. my Magic Yarn Ball has arrived!

Yes! I received a lovely box in the mail today and it held my Swap-Bot Magic Yarn Ball swap with all assorted treats inside!

Gah, boy is it hard to wind a ball a yarn while driving! ::just kidding:: Well no not really, I was drooling all over it at the stop lights and in five pm traffic. Once I got to my in-laws it was all I could do not to unwrap all the lovely sari/silk yarn as fast as I could.

I took my time to savor the feel of the recycled sari yarn and let the silk slip through my fingers as I found treasure after treasure. My partner Guinifer is really a sweetheart!

I wish I had my camera when it was still wrapped all pretty, but alas that did not last! ::hehe::

I will take pictures of all my pretty treats, if they survive that long.. some are just too chocolatey to resist.

Thank you again Guinifer!


1 comment:

Guinifer said...

You are most welcome!

Say hi! over at the L&V boards - I see you there every so often!