Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ACK! Time has flown!!!

So sorry for the lapse in writing. I have been camera-less for the past few weeks, because I can not find the cord to download pictures onto my computer. Worse, I have to have the hubby dl them, put them on a thumb drive and then load them... le sigh!

I did not want my posts to be pictureless.. so I waited and waited and waited and waited! Finally I said to myself, "To heck with this!" and as of tonight will start to post again. Filling in later with pictures of stuff which has already happened and stuff I want to do. ::grin::

Let's see... what has happened?

I have not started it persay.... but I did find the materials needed to make a stamp, purchased the carving tools and rubber medium, and also purchased some E6000 glue along with plain wooden blocks to glue the stamps to.

In this endeavor, I took the hubby to a local privately owned coffee shop here in Orlando which was supposed to sport a hidden letterbox, alas everywhere we looked we could not find the bugger! Not to say its not there, BUT we could not locate it. So I will have to go back again when I have our stamps made and really tear the place apart. ::hehe::

I need to enter the books read/listened to for the months of September and October. I really did not read much in October to tell the truth because I was horrible sick and nothing was coming out at all!!!! Granted that did not stop me from finding a few new authors... but really knitting was my focus!

Gosh.... for the very first time... Christmas knitting has reared its ugly head in my stash, time, and pattern collecting. Three cowls down, one more on the needles... two bounce hats, one on the needles... I have some gorgeous yarn from YarnPirate, Duet Yarns, and some sweeeeet knitting bags from GoodtobeGirl! (Again... pics are a hassle because of the missing cord, but I hope to post them very soon!

Lastly for this blog! The newest pattern from MochiMochiland.com ..... ELVES!!! Anna is so awesome, she even created Christmas Gift Tags that can be downloaded and printed for holiday giving... and when I get paid next week her ELVES pattern shall be mine mine mine!

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