Friday, October 24, 2008

Knitting Project Bag Club!

Remember when I told you that I joined GoodtobeGirl's Project Bag Summer/Winter Bag sale? Well, I finally was able to download the pictures I have taken of most of my knitting projects as well as the first bag, which arrived in September!
The stitch markers were so very very cute! A tiny pumpkin and donut in a tiny metal tin. BUT that is not all... you see I had also been/am a member of the Loopy Ewe Sock Club and in one of my previous kits, GoodToBeGirl had made markers for them too... in the same pumpkin/donut way!!!
Yep! I have a full 4 piece set of matching stitch markers!!!
I have already started to use them. I love love love them so very much.
Oh I almost forgot to tell you, on Ravelry is a GoodToBeGirl group. I actually posted recently how I have a full set with the bag and SM'ers... that Amy wrote to me and wanted to send me a second set of SM'ers because she totally forgot about the Loopy Ewe kit. How awesome is she to make an offer like this?! I know... really really awesome, but I could not do it. I love my set and do not want to have her feeling like she upset or disappointed me. So I wrote back and let her know it wasn't necessary. She is so sweet.
Okies.. lots more to write about and post! Talk a bunch more later!

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