Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ooo lots of packages to post!

I have sooo many packages to post, that I needed to wait until tomorrow 4/12/07 to get them in the mail. Why you may ask? Well it's when I get paid. ::chuckle::

I have my....
  1. LnV Yarn P*rn Swap to complete - this is her last package from me, she already received the yarn portion. ::grin::
  2. My first Secret Pal 10 swap package. I have sent her other things, emails, puzzles, ecards, and a subscription to a magazine, but this is the first of three packages.
  3. My softie swap was sent to Spain... wee its international.
  4. My Cotton Yarn Swap from Swap-Bot
  5. A Contest Swap package from a game I hosted on the Lime N Violet Message Boards.
  6. Peeps! The peeps are going to Canada. A friend from the LnV MB has not had some of these yummy treats, so I grabbed some and will send those off tomorrow too.

I think it will be about... hmmm 40 bucks. I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon after they are off.

OH! I forgot!!! I also joined a Scarf Circle at the Lime N Violet boards. Its so kewl!

12 people joined and we all knit a 6" section of scarf in whatever color, weight, stitch we want. Then we place it on some waste yarn and send it to the next person on our list. We have two weeks to knit and post. We then get another piece of the scarf from the person before us and place the stitches on our needles and do our 'piece' over again.. over and over 11 more times and by Sept-ish we will have a 1/12 kind of scarf knit from all over the world!! Isn't that awesome? We have 9 people in the US, one in Hawaii, one in the UK and one in Australia. ::dances about the room::

Okies, time for dinner, but I will be back with more to post!


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